Liane Bonin
August 30, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Talk about die hard. The latest unstoppable Bruce Willis vehicle, ”The Sixth Sense,” held on to No. 1 for its fourth weekend in a row, an accomplishment that only ”Saving Private Ryan” and ”Titanic” managed to pull off last year. But Bruce may have to make room at the top one of these days. The movie’s $20.1 million take represented a 16 percent drop from last weekend’s.

Still, the competition wasn’t much of a threat to ”The Sixth Sense”’s staying power. ”The 13th Warrior” may have limped into a distant second place with $10.3 million, but it still managed to outshine the other new releases, which couldn’t come close to Willis’ spook power. ”In Too Deep” belly-flopped into the shallow end, tying with ”The Blair Witch Project” for eighth place with $4.1 million. And Johnny Depp’s star power didn’t send ”The Astronaut’s Wife” into orbit, with the film landing in 10th place with $4 million. ”The Muse” scraped into a so-so seventh place with $4.2 million, but it was still a respectable showing for filmmaker Albert Brooks, whose most successful movie, ”Mother,” grossed under $20 million.

Less respectable was ”Dudley Do-Right,” which did little right with either audiences or EW Online readers. In our Critical Mass poll, females gave the film a C+, and the movie landed in 11th place with $3 million. But praise doesn’t always translate into ticket sales. Though female EW Online readers gave a glowing A to ”Dog of Flanders,” the movie failed to chart, languishing in the bottom of the top 20 with a paltry $870,000.

Rounding out the top 5 were a trio of comedies. ”Runaway Bride” took third with $6.9 million, ”Bowfinger” dropped two places to fourth with $6.6 million, and ”Mickey Blue Eyes” landed at No. 5 with $5.5 million. At least somebody will be laughing when ”The Sixth Sense” pummels the new kids on the block next weekend.

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