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September 03, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT


Thank you so much for your ”Sex on TV” issue featuring the beautiful and talented stars of my favorite show, Sex and the City. When Seinfeld left us last year, Sex and the City filled the void, but why is everyone just now realizing how great the show is? And by the way, the next time you feature the cast, let Chris Noth take off his clothes too!
Pleasantville, N.Y.

Re: ”The XXX Files.” Sex and the City does have its strong moments, but I don’t know that a program depicting four bimbos who jump into bed with every man they meet (and then can’t understand why they aren’t having fulfilling relationships) is being particularly fresh. If a show focused on couples who practice monogamy while still having a vital, joyful sex life, then that would be fresh. Still, I’m spending money I can’t afford just to get HBO, just to see Sex and the City. Why? One reason: Mr. Big. I’d watch any show with Chris Noth.
Spokane, Wash.

Thanks for the cover photo of Michael Bolton. He’s got a nice figure!
Oakdale, N.Y.


Please stop trashing Woodstock 99 (”Woodstock Degeneration”). To the naysayers in the media, I say ”Boo-hoo” — times are different, and like it or not, so are musical tastes. To the attendees who are whining: What did you expect? You’re outdoors in the middle of summer, camping out. Of course it’s hot, of course the bathrooms stink, and of course you’re going to pay inflated prices for crappy food. As for the music, that’s why I went and wasn’t disappointed. Korn, Metallica, Rage, Limp Bizkit — you knew they’d be great, and they were. I went to see a festival of music and peace, and I’d rather recap the three days of that than a few hours of mayhem.
Boca Raton, Fla.

Having read your coverage of Woodstock 99, I must ask: When did you hire my mother to write for your magazine? Kurt Loder’s troubling vibes and ”bad feeling” aside, the foolish antics of a tiny percentage of the kids in attendance don’t make Woodstock 99 another Altamont. I’m pretty sure that in addition to the small amount of chaos at the tail end of the festival, some musicians actually played music — not that it’s apparent from your coverage. Finally, before you complained about public nudity and the media exploitation of it, you ought to have thrown a wet blanket over that oiled, seminude body of Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover.
Tucker, Ga.

The obvious flaw in Woodstock 99 (and Woodstock ’94) is that they had one too many bands that were not in synch with the original Woodstock spirit (like, say, the H.O.R.D.E.-tour type of bands). They went for the acts that could pull in the money but would not (or could not) re-create any sort of positive vibes.
Jamaica, N.Y.


I laughed till I cried. Ken Tucker’s review of NBC’s new soap, Passions, is a work of smack-talking genius — which makes me think that maybe the show can be saved after all. Put a little silhouette of Ken Tucker in the lower-right corner of the television screen (a la Mystery Science Theater 3000), and let him give a running commentary on all the lives of Harmony’s denizens. I, for one, would not miss it.
San Francisco

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