The 100 Greatest Movie Moments 1950-2000 |


The 100 Greatest Movie Moments 1950-2000

From Marlon Brando to ''Blair Witch,'' we unspool the history of film

1. Francis Ford Coppola’s family jewel, The Godfather
2. Janet Leigh showers in Psycho
3. Marlon Brando bellows in A Streetcar Named Desire
4. Star Wars’ F/X blast other movies to smithereens
5. Steven Spielberg makes the best of Jaws
6. Stanley Kubrick looks ahead in 2001: A Space Odyssey
7. Charlton Heston parts the Red Sea in The Ten Commandments
8. Robert De Niro is hailed in Taxi Driver
9. Pulp Fiction blasts onto screens
10. Marilyn Monroe does grate things for Seven Year Itch
11. Gene Kelly makes a splash in Singin’ in the Rain
12. The desert appears in Lawrence of Arabia
13. Marlon Brando walks On the Waterfront
14. Sean Connery, as 007, battles Dr. No
15. Indies come of age with Sex, Lies and Videotape
16. Al Pacino delivers the kiss of death in The Godfather Part II
17. Homeliness triumphs in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
18. James Dean sees red in Rebel Without a Cause
19. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis find Some Like It Hot
20. Vertigo baffles the critics
21. Mookie throws the trash can in Do the Right Thing
22. Magnetic Video releases the first movies on tape
23. Bonnie and Clyde blows critics and moviegoers away
24. Dennis Hopper inhales in Blue Velvet
25. Film in England swings with Tom Jones, Darling, and Alfie
26. All About Eve and Sunset Boulevard explore the dark side of stardom
27. Tom Hanks mainstreams homosexuality with Philadelphia
28. American Graffiti launches nostalgia – and careers
29. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton make Annie Hall
30. Titanic launches Leonardo DiCaprio
31. Midnight Cowboy and True Grit duke it out
32. John Cassavetes’ Faces creates the independent film
33. John Travolta gives us Saturday Night Fever
34. Faye Dunaway finds darkness on the edge of Chinatown
35. The new wave breaks with Francois Truffaut’s The 400 Blows
36. The Weinsteins form Miramax and unleash the indie era
37. The devil goes into heavy rotation in The Exorcist
38. Westerns reach a new peak with The Searchers
39. Glenn Close springs from the tub in Fatal Attraction
40. “Singin’ ” turns ecstasy to evil in A Clockwork Orange
41. Robert De Niro wins Best Actor for Raging Bull
42. Schindler’s List is set free
43. Disney resurfaces on the sturdy fins of The Little Mermaid
44. Dustin Hoffman submerges himself in The Graduate
45. Dr. Strangelove goes boom
46. Robert Altman’s Nashville introduces the company of many
47. West Side Story’s Natalie Wood weeps for Tony
48. Steven Spielberg takes Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan
49. Ben-Hur’s sweet chariot race