Sandra P. Angulo
October 05, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Sports Night” kicks off its sophomore season tonight with an important smooch. ”All I can tell you is this: someone kisses someone,” says Peter Krause, 34, who plays coanchor Casey McCall in the ”SportsCenter”-like show-within-a-show. ”Actually, it’s Dan [Josh Charles] and Jeremy [Josh Malina], but don’t tell anyone.” All joking aside, fans should bet their money that Casey will be complicating the show’s plot by kissing Dana (Felicity Huffman), his romantic foil from last season.

But a big kiss isn’t all Huffman may have in store for her. Krause says it’s payback time for Huffman’s antics during this summer’s press tour. During the ”Sports Night” cast’s stay at a Disney World resort, Huffman sneaked into Krause’s hotel room and ”unpacked” for him. ”I walked in and saw my socks and underwear hanging from the ceiling, my shoes in the freezer, and the rest of my clothes and things hanging off the balcony,” he says. ”Let me just say that Felicity’s going to get a surprise in her dressing room this season…. Do you know how I can get a pig?”

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