Wook Kim
October 08, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

If nothing else, The Fear: Halloween Night, a straight-to-tape sequel to the cheapo 1995 thriller, raises some interesting questions: (1) Do they really still make movies that begin with an innocent youngster witnessing a murder committed by an axe-wielding maniac, followed by an ominous fade to black, and the words: ”20 YEARS LATER”? (2) Are we to believe that a bunch of twentysomethings would spend a Halloween weekend in an old mansion, dressed up in costumes that represent their worst fears? (3) Should we be frightened by an avenging Native American spirit named…Morty? According to this horror of a film, the answers are (1) yes, (2) yes, and (3) I think so…
Reel Goodies (0:46) A claustrophobic victim-to-be is elaborately costumed in a cardboard box (boo!).
The Last Detail Director Chris Angel received a Student Academy Award in 1997 for his short film Mr. October.

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