Ken Tucker
October 15, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Guralnick, who recently published volume 2 of his definitive Presley biography, works with record producer Jorgensen on a highly entertaining, if rather unattractively designed, time line. Is it really that improbable that, as it turns out, something interesting happened to the King nearly every 24 hours of his existence? Commencing with the usual biographical marking posts, Elvis Day by Day becomes at once assiduously businesslike (noting every concert booked, every fee paid, nearly every contract drawn up and signed) and expansively surreal (Elvis watches Dr. Strangelove no fewer than five times in August 1964; he takes his only LSD trip the day after Christmas 1965 while watching the movie The Time Machine and eating take-out pizza). At the least, fascinating; depending on your degree of interest in the subject, probably invaluable.

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