Mike D'Angelo
October 15, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Apparently, somebody passed a law a couple of years back decreeing that henceforth all horror films must feature a group of attractive Friends rejects. While the original Warlock was a hokey-fun hunter/hunted tale, this third installment has inevitably metamorphosed into yet another witless variation on Scream.
REEL GOODIES (0:41) Payne, as the titular warlock, demonstrates how the phrase ”I’ll rip your throat out” need not always be hyperbole.
THE LAST DETAIL A hilarious account of actor Richard E. Grant’s experience working on the original Warlock can be found in his book With Nails (”Meanwhile I am gearing myself up to say with a straight face and Scots accent, ‘Damned be these hell besmeared and black Satanic fartin’ holes.”’).

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