Josh Wolk
October 18, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

With the final numbers for the weekend in, it turns out that ”Double Jeopardy”’s initial claim to a fourth week at No. 1 was wishful thinking. Counting Sunday’s official grosses, ”Fight Club” ended up on top at $11 million, with ”Jeopardy” having to settle for second with $10.2 million (for a total so far of $80.3 million). ”The Story of Us” dipped from its $10.4 million estimate to $9.7 million. And the rest of the top 5 — ”Three Kings” ($7.3 million) and ”American Beauty” ($6.8 million) — trailed further behind.

However, just because The Ashley Judd thriller didn’t get bragging rights for the top spot doesn’t make its accomplishments any less thrilling. Whereas experts originally attributed its success to women wanting to see a female hero, now Paramount is saying that ”Jeopardy” is holding steady because more men are showing up to see what all the fuss is about.

CRITICAL MASS Women seem to be making the decisions at the box office, considering they voted an impressive B+ rating for the weekend’s top film in EW’s Critical Mass Online. And the differentials between that average and men’s sheds some light on how the two genders like their conflict in movies. (Call it the sexes of the battle.) With Ashley Judd as a take-action hero, ”Double Jeopardy”’s long-lasting success has been attributed to women who want to see a lady in the driver’s seat. Men were less impressed, giving the film a B-, but they’re obviously not the ones making it a point to see it.

As for the two new entries, both genders gave ”Fight Club” a B+, proving that all-male pummeling can still make for a good date movie: Men go for the blood, while women go for the abs. (And it can’t hurt that they’re Brad Pitt’s.) The divorce drama ”Story of Us” was kind of like intergender boxing — albeit with verbal rather than physical fisticuffs — and women again liked it more than men did, giving it a B+ to the men’s B-. Perhaps this proves that guys are more comfortable with good-old fashioned bare-knuckle boxing than any sort of fight that involves communication. Put that in your speedbag, John Gray.

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