Courtesy New Line
Adam Winer
November 09, 1999 AT 05:00 AM EST

”The dresses were hideous,” says Chris O’Donnell of the thousand wedding gowns scraped together for the big bridal chase scene in ”The Bachelor,” a remake of Buster Keaton’s film ”Seven Chances.” ”Some were so ugly we just said, ‘Ugh, put her in the back.”’

O’Donnell isn’t the only one who was scared off by the garments, which were crammed into two trailers on the lot as filming drew to a close. ”Every once in a while a new person from the studio would come out,” says costume designer Terry Dresbach. ”They’d open these trailer doors and go, ‘Oh my God!’ Then they’d close the doors, and we’d never see them again.”

So what could be done with a thousand slightly smelly, very homely wedding dresses? Right now the studio is using them for publicity, but we think they could be put to better uses. Some suggestions:

* Remake ”Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” 142 times.

* Dye dresses black; shoot movie ”The Bachelor’s Wake.”

* Burn them and beg Buster Keaton’s forgiveness.

* Help the Moonies outfit their next mass wedding.

* Help Dennis Rodman outfit himself for his next book tour.

* Load rocket ship; fire at sun.

* Scam 1000 impulsive eBay shoppers.

* Offer them to Larry King.

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