EW Staff
November 12, 1999 AT 05:00 AM EST

Even if you taped NBC’s broadcast of its star-stuffed special, this two-cassette bundle of chuckles gives you some additional not-ready-for-prime-time gems not shown on the Sept. 26 program (including a commercial for the swanky ”Royal Deluxe II,” in which a rabbi performs a backseat bris, and a three-way phone flirtation between Monica, Bill, and Saddam). Reel Goodies (0:45 of tape 1) Butler Garrett Morris announces ”Lord and Lady Douchebag!” at a formal ball. The Last Detail Notably absent from Lorne Michaels’ love-fest: Eddie Murphy, who was hired in 1980 by the executive producer’s brief replacement, Dick Ebersol. A

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