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Sandra P. Angulo
November 16, 1999 AT 05:00 AM EST

The Eurythmics are back — and for a reason. After a 10-year hiatus to pursue solo careers, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart have released ”Peace,” a critically praised album (EW gave it a B+) that hit the charts three weeks ago, adding 11 new tracks to their discography and making them one of the hot reunion bands of the moment. Last Tuesday, the Eurythmics played a sold-out gig at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, the last U.S. engagement in their three-continent tour. Here’s why their tour was a triumph:

1. Ticket prices In the age of astronomical ticket prices — classic bands like the Rolling Stones or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young charge up to $200 — the Eurythmics’ most expensive tickets cost $75, with cheaper seats going for $35 to $50

2. Greatest Hits Annie and Dave don’t skimp on old favorites. Of the 21 songs they performed, 12 were chosen from their Top 40 singles, including ”Here Comes the Rain Again,” ”Missionary Man,” and (of course) ”Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” as the grand finale.

3. Annie Lennox Famous for her gender-bending antics in the mid-80s, Lennox is passionate on stage: She jumps, she dances, she falls to her knees — all the while belting out big, bold anthems like ”I Need a Man” and ”Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves.” She slides from an intense ballad like ”Why?” (on Lennox’s solo album ”Diva,” which sold more than 2 million copies) into a hyper rendition of ”Walking on Broken Glass.” It’s no wonder VH1 named her No. 9 on their list of the 100 Greatest Women in Rock ‘n’ Roll.

4. The new album Check out ”Peace” — even though it isn’t topping the Billboard Charts (currently at No. 75). Some lyrics are personal — as in ”17 Again” which tells the story of Lennox’s romantic and artistic partnerships with Stewart. And others are political, such as ”I Saved the World Today” and ”Peace Is Just a Word.” The Eurythmics have moved beyond the synthesizer-based pop that started their career into a rich medley of rock, soul, and pop.

5. Charitable intentions The Eurythmics are giving one half of the tour’s proceeds to Greenpeace and the other half to Amnesty International, a rare display of rocker generosity. A $30 T-shirt to save whales? Why not? For more information, including tour dates and biographies, check out Peacetour.

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