Tom Sinclair
December 17, 1999 AT 05:00 AM EST

Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists

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Pop Culture, Nonfiction, Music

We gave it an A

If the editors of Mad were hip-hop heads, they might produce a book as funny, irreverent, and indispensable as this one. It’s just as well that they’re not, since the obsessives at rap fanzine ego trip have already assembled what may be the most readable, humorous, and enjoyable tome about rap music and culture extant.

Within these pages is a wealth of fascinating trivia and arcane knowledge. Several hundred howl-inducing entries—including ”# of Times the ‘N’ Word Appears on N.W.A’s Albums,” ”8 Songs About Body Odor,” and ”Rap Artists Who’ve Survived Shootings”—constitute a funky fresh and decidedly def history lesson. One proviso: If there are other rap fans living with you, you may want to keep this ultimate bathroom book in the living room. A

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