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Readers smacked us silly with letters about our TV Winners & Losers (#515, Dec. 3) cover subjects Ivory and ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin. ”Not only does Ivory scream sex appeal from head to toe, but she actually wrestles!” cried John Boanno of Derby, Conn. Joe Restoule of Windsor, Ontario, was similarly pumped: ”Now if only Emmy voters could take notice, because the McMahon family is the greatest acting lineage to hit it big since the Baldwins.” Less enthusiastic was one of our neighbors to the north, who took offense at a low blow in the Hot Sheet. ”So Jim Mullen thinks Canadians lack personality?” said John O’Mara of Owen Sound, Ontario. ”The country that gave the world Jim Carrey and Mike Myers, as well as Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain. Okay, we did unleash Anne Murray and Celine Dion on you, but no one’s perfect.”

Ringside Feats

Ivory sure has come a long way since playing Tina Ferrari in G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, for the uninitiated) — a spot in the lineup of various WWF programs, and now an EW cover. I’m waiting for the action figure. Delmo Walters Jr.
Bronx, N.Y.

In regards to your article ”Champs & Chumps,” I don’t see how you can say canceling the Chris Carter series Harsh Realm was a smart move for Fox. The ratings were low, but cancellation was too severe a remedy. More promotion and a better time slot were what was needed for this terrific show. After all, its ratings were similar to those of ”hit” shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Roswell. This is a case where an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Lisa Whitmore
San Diego

The Holy Mail

So, record companies want Christian rockers to tone down lyrics that some of their listeners might find offensive (”The Greatest Story Ever Sold”)? More offensive than those of Korn, Marilyn Manson, or Public Enemy? The record companies are usually the first to yell ”censorship” when there are outcries against lyrics promoting suicide, murder, mutilation—it seems to me that Christians are becoming the only group not entitled to freedom of speech anymore. EJ Farrell El Paso

This story made me sick, as does any story of Christians making profit from ”selling” their version of the gospel. If they were really following a Bible-believing faith, they would be feeding the poor, clothing the naked, working against injustices like sexism, homophobia, racism, and poverty. But they seem to me to be promoting some of those things with the characters in their books. If there is anything that is consistent in the Bible, it is the fate of those who build up personal wealth and power for themselves. And doing it in God’s name? To hell with that. Rick Garland Toronto

Tout Le Bond

Poor Casino Royale, overlooked again in a rundown of Bond films (”And the Bond Played On”). And egregiously so in this case, because in omitting the Bond spoof, you omit Burt Bacharach’s terrific score and ”The Look of Love.” Granted, not the title track, but it’s one that has become a standard. JON DELFIN New York City

Touched By Angel

What is the deal with the death of Doyle (”Angel Baby”)? Say it ain’t so! He was one of the best things about Angel. Cordelia and Angel are both so self-absorbed, we relied on Doyle to give us a character to relate to and to give the other two some emotional balance. Ken Tucker, can you please talk some sense into Joss Whedon? Keith Angle Kansas City, Mo.


I believe Tom Sinclair has completely missed the boat (”Korn Liquor”). As a die-hard Korn fan, I think Issues can be summed up in one word: brilliant! To dismiss their latest effort as just another average rap-metal display is absurd, as is criticizing it for not being ”terribly cathartic.” After five years, these rock pioneers have matured immensely. Their music touches its listeners through its pacing, instrumental creativity, and deeply personal lyrics. If Mr. Sinclair had kept his ears open, he would have learned what the rest of us already know—life isn’t always peachy, and we all have issues, even the greatest rock band to surface in the last 20 years. Adam Nagy Trenton, N.J.