Josh Wolk
January 10, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Move over Disney, there’s a new mouse in town: With no new releases last weekend, Sony’s ”Stuart Little” once again ruled the box office for its third out of fourth week, taking in another estimated $11.5 million. This gives li’l Stu a $95.6 cumulative take, squeaking distance from the $100 million mark.

Following up the children’s flick comes a hat trick of adult movies: ”The Talented Mr. Ripley” took second with $9.8 million, while ”The Green Mile” followed with $9.7 million and then ”Any Given Sunday” with $9 million. (”Galaxy Quest” took fifth with $8.3 million.) All three are performing extremely well for two-hour-plus movies, especially ”Mile,” which is now headed to be only the ninth three-hour film in the last 25 years to pass $100 million. (It currently stands at $91.3 million.) Even the marathon that is ”Magnolia” is scoring well, landing in seventh place with $6.6 million.

Next weekend, however, these films could be bumped down as two limited releases — ”The Hurricane” and ”Girl, Interrupted” — go wide. ”The Hurricane” showed a lot of promise this weekend, taking in $2.4 million in 159 theaters (a $15,405 average). ”Girl” averaged a winning $16,206, but it was only in nine theaters (for a $146,000 take), not exactly proof that it won’t break down when it spreads to 1,800 theaters next weekend.

CRITICAL MASS According to our Critical Mass Movie Poll, EW readers aren’t as melted by the mouse and the other top movies as the rest of the moviegoing public. ”Stuart Little” got only an overall B-, with our youngest readers’ (ages 1-29) votes averaging a mere C+. ”The Talented Mr. Ripley” had a slight boost with a B, although voters ages 1-39 gave it an average of A-. ”Any Given Sunday” also earned a B-, with uniform grades from every age. For once, Oliver Stone isn’t controversial, just average. To register your votes on these and other current movies, visit EW Online’s Critical Mass Movie Poll.

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