The ''X-Files''' future may depend on David Duchovny |


The ''X-Files''' future may depend on David Duchovny

If the star will agree to another season, the show will go on

David Duchovny

MISSING LINK Will Duchovny sign at the ''X''? (Courtesy FOX)

Fox hasn’t launched a hit drama since 1997’s ”Ally McBeal,” which is why it’s now racing to persuade key players in aging series like ”Beverly Hills, 90210,” ”Party of Five,” and ”The X-Files” to re-up for next season. As for ”The X-Files,” Gillian Anderson is a go (her contract is through 2001), but, for now, creator Chris Carter won’t proceed without David Duchovny, whose deal is up in May.

It’ll come down to money: Duchovny makes about $200,000 an episode, whereas the leads on, say, ”ER” make over $400,000. Duchovny will also likely seek a resolution to his lawsuit (he alleges that Twentieth Century Fox TV cheated him out of syndication profits).

Fox TV chairman ”Sandy Grushow will knock himself out to save ‘X-Files,”’ says United Talent Agency’s Jay Sures. ”Losing this show is the loss of a brand, of promoting other shows, and of critical ratings.”