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January 14, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

SIGOURNEY WEAVER ”My husband. Or my agent — he knows everything.”

MICHAEL CAINE ”I am a millionaire, so I don’t need a Lifeline and I’ve never watched the show. If you are a millionaire, it is very silly to watch a program that promises to make you one. I wish everyone else luck, though.”

GARRY MARSHALL ”My sister Penny. She’s the family champion — at Trivial Pursuit and all of those games.”

CHEVY CHASE ”Steve Martin. He’d probably have a lot of books around him and could look up the answer real quick.”

SAMANTHA MORTON (Sweet and Lowdown) ”Oh, I don’t know. God.”

HEAVY D ”God. He should know. I got his number.”

NATHAN LANE ”I wouldn’t use my mother. That would make her terribly nervous. I guess I’d have to find a friend who had a college education.”

JAMES CROMWELL (The Green Mile) ”Donald Sutherland. He knows absolutely everything.”

THOMAS GIBSON (Dharma & Greg) ”Actually, I was just thinking about this the other day in the grocery store…. Maybe I’d just try to pull Regis aside and ask him the answer. We’re close, so I think he would risk his new fame to tell me.”

CHRISTINA RICCI ”My brother Raphael, because he memorized the entire set of Trivial Pursuit cards when we were little.”

MARTIN LANDAU ”Do they have to be alive? Maybe a newspaper person. They seem to do well on Jeopardy.”

CASPER VAN DIEN (Sleepy Hollow) ”Rosie O’Donnell or Oprah Winfrey.”

JAMES VAN DER BEEK ”My mentor: my middle school English teacher.”

SCOTT ELLIOTT (director, A Map of the World) ”Sigourney Weaver. She always seems to know a great deal about everything.”

KEVIN POLLAK (End of Days) ”I’d work a deal with the smartest and oldest member of Mensa.”

TRISHA YEARWOOD ”My mom. She’s a teacher and one of the smartest people I know.”

JENNY MCCARTHY ”My mother. Or my publicist.”

DIANE WARREN (songwriter, ”Music of My Heart”) ”My bird Buttwings. He’s a really smart bird.”

ROB LOWE ”My first choice would be [West Wing consultant and former Jimmy Carter pollster] Pat Caddell. If he’s good enough for Carter, he’s good enough for me. Or Mike Myers — he’s a whiz at trivia and he’d make me laugh if I lost.”

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (‘N Sync) ”Ben Stein. He would whip some butt.”

JASON LEE (Dogma) ”I would actually like to be on that show. A million dollars would come in handy. Do you think they let actors go on?”

KIERAN CULKIN (She’s All That) ”I’d call my brother [Macaulay] and I’d have him set up with encyclopedias, the Internet, reference books, anything that might contain the answer.”

CAMRYN MANHEIM (The Practice) ”My brother. He’s a constitutional lawyer, so he knows the whole gamut.”

HARRY DEAN STANTON ”Jack Nicholson, although he probably wouldn’t come to the phone. He’s pretty private.”

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”I probably wouldn’t need any help, since I’m a member of Mensa.”— Geena Davis

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