EW Staff
January 14, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

”I was shocked at how much I didn’t like Man on the Moon. I hated it, I immediately scratched it off my list — and Jim Carrey can come off too…. Everything about it is bad in my opinion.” — PRESIDENT OF AN INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION COMPANY

”Tom Cruise is always a good guy to work with, he’s always been delicious. I gotta believe that would help him with Magnolia.” — STUDIO MARKETING PRESIDENT

”Meryl Streep’s always great, even in that stupid river-rafting movie, so counting her out would be a mistake.” — STUDIO MARKETING PRESIDENT

Boys Don’t Cry? Not a chance in hell for a nomination as Best Picture. It’s a film about white-trash folks, where each person is actually dumber than the rest, and it’s painful to watch them enact their stupidity. I think Hilary Swank will get one, because that’s the actors’ choir.” — INDEPENDENT PUBLICIST

”If [The Hurricane] is arousing emotionally, and you feel like standing up and cheering even if it’s schmaltzy, it could slide in because a film that’s far more ambitious like Magnolia feels heavy and pretentious and not very satisfying.” — PRESIDENT OF AN INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION COMPANY

The Sixth Sense — maybe the kid will get nominated. But when something makes such gargantuan amounts of money, it’s hard.” — STUDIO PRESIDENT

”I’m rooting for Denzel Washington in The Hurricane — he has a body of work that certainly has proven he’s Academy-worthy. I’m also a victim of the buzz — people are talking about him.”

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