EW Staff
January 21, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Merger mania, indeed. The very week AOL and Time Warner announced their deal, the nation was rocked by another controversial union: the one between proudly lesbian couple Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher and aging rocker David Crosby. The three revealed in Rolling Stone that Crosby had been the secret sperm donor for Etheridge and Cypher’s two children, Beckett, 1, and Bailey, 3. The timing was eerie — and so are several similarities between the two mergers. Consider:

AOL’s Steve Case and Time Warner’s Gerald Levin did a lot of hugging at the press conference

Crosby, Stills & Nash urged a generation to ”Love the One You’re With.”

The adjectives brave and crazy have been used to describe Time Warner’s Ted Turner.

Etheridge’s second album was titled Brave and Crazy.

Turner owns the basketball team the Atlanta Hawks.

Crosby was in the folk-rock band the Byrds.

Steve Case used to be a marketing manager for Pizza Hut.

Crosby looks like he eats a lot of pizza.

Warner Music act ODB released the tune ”Getting High.”

Crosby used to get high a lot.

Turner helped save the American buffalo.

Crosby’s band mate Stephen Stills was a founder of the seminal Buffalo Springfield.

Case has written catchy slogans (as a marketer for Procter & Gamble, he penned ”Towelette? You bet!”).

Etheridge and Crosby have written catchy songs.

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