EW Staff
January 21, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

We all know the high-fiving suits at AOL and Time Warner were giggling with post-closing glee (Ted Turner made $2.9 billion in one day). Who else flipped — or flopped? A quick look:


JANE FONDA The former actress racked up $20 million on the deal, thanks to estranged husband Ted’s wedding gift of shares of company stock.

BOB PITTMAN Despite previous hints that he might retire, the AOL COO (and MTV cofounder) is now rumored to be a strong candidate to eventually succeed Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin.

STOCKHOLDERS IN TIME WARNER RIVALS As speculation swirled that Disney and Viacom will join with their own Internet partners (Yahoo!? Microsoft?), their stocks bumped up in expectation.

YOU’VE GOT MAIL The AOL-themed Tom Hanks flick got a press-conference plug from Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin. The crossover craziness begins!

GERALD LEVIN’S UPPER LIP Time Warner’s chairman appeared before reporters minus his longtime ‘stache.


MATT DRUDGE Has the Internet scoop king lost his edge? His ”exclusive” the day before the big deal? Lucianne Goldberg disapproves of a new book about Bill Clinton.

EXCITE@HOME The cable-modem service has a fresh challenge from Time Warner’s Road Runner, which now has access to AOL expertise.

THE DETAILS-ARTISAN DEAL The Conde Nast monthly and the independent-film distributor behind The Blair Witch Project announced a partnership the next day. Can you say overshadowed?

GOOD TASTE In the too-much-information category, Turner compared the deal to the first time he ”made love, some 42 years ago.”

SHASTA McNASTY The UPN sitcom has nothing to do with the merger. It just stinks.

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