The ''Matrix'' action figures have arrived |


The ''Matrix'' action figures have arrived

But the new toys aren't recommended for children

Keanu Reeves

WHAT A DOLL Reeves joins the ranks of actors with action figures (Courtesy Warner Bros.)

Good news for kids who’ve been clamoring for toys based on Keanu Reeves’ hit cyberthriller ”The Matrix”: They’re finally here! The bad news? They’re not for kids. Warner Bros. and N2Toys have created six weapons-toting action figures tied to the release of the ”Matrix” video – but they all bear the bizarre warning label ”Recommended for mature collectors.”

Whoa! Dolls for adults? ”There’s been so much controversy over Hollywood and violence,” says N2Toys prez Ron Hayes of his company’s post-Columbine marketing tactic. ”We thought it wouldn’t hurt us to be sensitive.” In fact, Warner Bros. generally doesn’t license merchandise tied to R-rated films such as ”The Matrix,” but Hayes says an exception was made ”when the film blew past the $150 million box office point. It appears this is a little more mainstream than we thought.”