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Dan Snierson
January 31, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

You’re a pop music star. You tour the world. You stay in the finest hotels. You inspire millions of shrieking teenage girls. So what do you do in your rare spare time? Stamp collecting? Fly-fishing? Nope — you take a shot at acting. Monday night, Lance Bass of ‘N Sync guest stars on The WB’s ”7th Heaven.” EW Online tracked him down just before his big debut.

How did this come about?
I have a friend who worked for a publicist for some of the actors on The WB, such as [”7th Heaven” star] Beverley Mitchell and the people from ”Popular.” So I was having dinner with her and Beverley, and Beverley was talking about how she wanted a boyfriend this season, and I said, ”I’ll do it!” and she was like, ”Okay!”

So what do you do in this role?
Well, half the time I’m kissing. That part I can do really well. There’s a new character on the show that is the boyfriend of [Mary, played by Jessica Biel]] and I play his brother. We have to go on a double date because her parents don’t really trust him because he’s been in jail. So the only way they’ll let him go is if they double date with her sister [Lucy, played by Beverley] and me. I really don’t want to go on the date, but we end up liking each other. And then I get off the show because I have a girlfriend so we’re just like, ”Uh, whatever, we’ll talk later.” So I’ll probably come back for the season finale.

How is a screen kiss different from a real one?
It’s totally different, because you have about 50 people staring at you and then, as you’re kissing, people are like, ”Put your hand on her cheek… okay, now go down to her arm… okay, keep kissing… keep kissing… okay, 30 more seconds…” It’s definitely not romantic, and the whole time you’re thinking about what you look like: ”Does this look good? Okay, I need to pull the bottom lip down. Now turn my head.”

Did you get any acting tips from Justin and JC, your fellow band mates who used to be on ”The Mickey Mouse Club”?
It happened so fast, some of the guys didn’t even know I was doing it until after. No, I didn’t get any acting tips. I wish I would have, because I just saw the tape! [laughs] I’m not an actor, I’ll tell you that right now.

Have you guys ever thought about doing a TV series à la ”The Monkees”?
We talked to ABC about that just last year. It’d be fun. It’d be impossible to do right now in our career. Maybe in the future; right now we’re focused more on the movies. We’ve been looking at scripts. We want to do kind of like a ”Swingers” meets ”Outsiders” type [movie]. Five main characters just having fun in a very dialogue-driven script.

What’ s up with the new ‘N Sync CD, ”No Strings Attached” [which comes out March 21]?
It’s our baby. This is like our first album, really. Because we switched to a new label, Jive, and got new management. It’s basically ourselves; we’re doing it ourselves. We wrote and produced half of it. And the sound is way more edgy than the first album. It has a little bit more of a rock feel and a hip-hop feel to it. It’s a real up-tempo, edgy, very pumped-up energetic album.

Now that all the band’s label/management lawsuits have been settled, what did you learn from that experience?
You can’t trust everybody. If you want to get things done right, do it yourself. Depend on yourself, take control of your own life.

You guys are up for three Grammy awards. Any predictions?
I’m predicting a no win. But if we do, it’s going to be the ”’God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” duet with Alabama. For some reason, I have a feeling that’s going to be our first Grammy — a country Grammy. That’d be funny.

Settle this once and for all: Could you guys take the Backstreet Boys in a fight?
Oh, of course. We’re much taller than them.

How about 98 degrees?
I don’t know. They’re a little bit shorter than us, but they’ve got the mass. They were football players. I don’t know — that would be a good competition. But there are FIVE of us.

What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?
I guess, ”Boxers or briefs?”

So… what’s the answer?
I wear boxer briefs.

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