Dan Snierson
February 04, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Just when you thought you were safe from When Animals Attack specials, Fox could face gaping holes in next fall’s schedule. After 10 years and countless Tori Spelling ‘dos, Beverly Hills, 90210 is heading for the hills. Fox and the producers of the ratings-deficient series couldn’t agree on money issues. Besides, the show was set to lose original cast members Brian Austin Green and Tori. “We still could have had a show called 90210,” one Fox exec says. “But with so many key players gone, what are you really giving the audience?” Adds TV producer Bob Greenblatt, who helped develop the show while at Fox: “It was the start of an era. It’ll be hard to replace.” Similarly, the party’s most likely over for Party of Five, thanks both to sagging Nielsens and the imminent exits of Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf. With the future of The X-Files up in the air, the network “has a challenge ahead of us,” understates a Fox exec. May we suggest Malcolm in the Middle every night?

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