Ann Limpert
February 04, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Mike Pingel is living proof that fanaticism really can get you somewhere. The L.A.-based actor/writer/waiter/webmaster has been obsessed with Charlie’s Angels since he was 7 (though back then he wasn’t allowed to stay up late enough to watch an entire episode), and while the show went off the air in 1981, Pingel, 31, has since evolved into the authority on the campy queens of jiggle TV. In 1996 he founded the elaborate fan site Angelic Heaven (, an online newsletter loaded with updates on the stars and tight-T-shirt photos; he has written a book on the series (“It’s not brain surgery — you’re not going to learn the meaning of life, but you will learn what Jaclyn wore on episode 35, and that’s important,” Pingel says); heck, he even auditioned for the part of Cameron Diaz’s boyfriend in Sony Pictures’ upcoming film.

Though he didn’t land that plum role (it’s still not cast), Pingel has been promised a part and, in fact, has become something of a jack-of-all-Angels for the movie, advising on period costumes and drafting a blueprint for the heroines’ office. So what was it like hanging with the creator beings who breathed life into his hallowed ladies? “I met Aaron Spelling at the Playboy Mansion and he was so sweet…but [series creator] Leonard Goldberg! I was like ‘Hello, God, hello!'” An appropriate response to the father of Angels.

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