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February 11, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Feedback: Oscars 2000

It wasn’t so much who we picked, but who we didn’t pick for our Oscar 2000 preview (#521, Jan. 14) that got people writing. Jim Schultheiss of St. Johns, Mich., is more than a little peeved at the omission of Toy Story 2 in our predictions: ”How sad that one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year does not even get mentioned.” ”Let’s not forget Mena Suvari for Best Supporting Actress,” says Roger B. Dowd of Trenton, Mich. ”Rose petals have taken on a whole new meaning in my life.” And Chase McCown of Columbia, Mo., is gunning for Emily Watson, Anjelica Huston, and Nicole Kidman for Best Actress. ”I would not be surprised if all three were nominated. Stranger things have happened,” he says. ”Jennifer Tilly, anyone?”

Gold Standards

What a beauty of an Oscar race you’ve given your readers (”I See Gold People”). Congratulations on an in-depth analysis of a year of outstanding films and performances. When the envelope is opened March 26, I want to see the audience rise to its feet to salute the powerful performances of Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry and Denzel Washington in The Hurricane. MICHAEL P. RICHARDS West Hollywood, Calif.

It’s bad enough that Academy voters have such a short memory and Oscar hopefuls tend to get jammed together in the last three months of every year. But now your writer feeds into this mind-set by saying that American Beauty was released too early (in mid-September?!), and that Bowfinger in August was out of sight. Is it me? Aren’t the awards for the whole year? Proof that this is often the case is that not too long ago there were Best Picture winners from July, May, and — couldja believe it — February! (Forrest Gump, Braveheart, and The Silence of the Lambs.) Usually your magazine has a healthy viewpoint on the idiocies of Hollywood lockstep thinking, but here you’ve started a dangerous precedent in putting those boots on and marching in place. Resist, resist. BOB GIOVANELLI NHPBob@aol.com New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Just because Man on the Moon turned out to be a box office disappointment is no reason for the Academy to overlook Jim Carrey’s dead-on performance. Ditto for Fight Club, the black sheep of the bunch. But as we all know, the Academy isn’t one for awarding Oscars to actors who actually deserve them or to films that hold up a critical mirror that reflects the current state of our society. C. SMITH New York City

Is it just me, or am I not the only one troubled by the idea of involving an 11-year-old like The Sixth Sense‘s Haley Joel Osment in a ”ferocious” race for Oscar gold? Give him an award and keep him out of the shark tank of Hollywood egos and politics. DAVID S. WAGES davidwages@mediaone.net Natick, Mass.

Youth Hostile

I would just like to thank Chris Willman for informing me that music listeners under the age of 25 all listen to the same things: teen pop, Latin pop, rap-rock, and rap (”Streaks & Geeks”). Maybe I should start worrying then, because I’m only 17 and I don’t like any of that. I certainly hope it isn’t unhealthy for me to be interested in music that isn’t lowest-common-denominator, sexually charged drivel created by hired-gun hitmakers and purposefully watered down for the sake of appealing to most demographic groups. ZACH MALM drsocko@hotmail.com Kirkland, Wash.

Up For Babs

Rob Brunner claims Barbra Streisand’s New Year’s Eve concert was ”too light on buttah and too heavy on schmaltz” (”Y2Kickoff”). Did you mention she was in great voice, treated us all to the unparalleled dance moves of Savion Glover, handed out 13,000 flashlights, had enough confetti at 12 to stop traffic, serenaded us with ”Auld Lang Syne,” and then concluded with an indoor firework display? Maybe you were too busy complaining about your seat location and lack of gourmet food to pay attention. The show was fantastic. By the way, Rob, you do sound like a kvetch. TOM VALUK Fort Lauderdale

Fostering Hope

As far as I’m concerned, without Jodie Foster, there is no Clarice (”Lamb Chops”). To cast another actress in The Silence of the Lambs is totally out of the question. It may work in other sequels, but not this one. In my heart I pray something can be worked out with Jodie. RAMONE GONZALEZ ramone@hotmail.com Garden City, Kan.


CORRECTION: The SAG Awards will air on TNT on Sunday, March 12. (#522/523, First Look 2000)

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