Marc Bernardin
February 25, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

We gave it an A

This is what a director’s cut should be. Not only do you get the movie itself — in a beautiful transfer that perfectly suits Oliver Stone’s medium-mixing filmmaking style — but you get an alternate ending and six cut scenes (including a staggering courtroom scene featuring a teary Ashley Judd), complete with Stone’s explanations of why they weren’t used; the best making-of documentary I’ve seen; and revelatory audio commentary by Stone. It was after watching this edition that I finally figured out what this movie’s about: mayhem. Physical mayhem, emotional mayhem, media mayhem, filmmaking mayhem, and, perhaps above all, purity at the heart of mayhem.

Reel Goodies
(0:11 into documentary) Tom Sizemore hilariously recounts the tale of his nose-shattering run-in with Lewis.

The Last Detail
Much of the supplementary stuff was available on a previous laserdisc edition.


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