Receive emails from an ''American Psycho'' |


Receive emails from an ''American Psycho''

Receive emails from an ''American Psycho''--Fill your inbox with letters from a killer, thanks to a promotion for the new movie

Worried about Web psychos? Here’s one with a studio-backed e-campaign: Patrick Bateman of the upcoming American Psycho, starring Christian Bale. Just sign up for his e-mails (written by Brett Easton Ellis) at Web network (www. and Bateman — the Wall Street lady-killer whose tastes run to electrified nipple clamps — will tell you all about his new life as a homicidal Net mogul. Psycho director Mary Harron, who wasn’t in on the stunt, is skeptical: ”He’s such an archetypal ’80s figure. I feel he would be marginalized.” Maybe, but nipple clamps never go out of style.