Brian M. Raftery
March 24, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

”Mystery Science Theater 3000” boxed set

For those pining for the witty robot commentary and campy cinema that the defunct Mystery Science Theater 3000 provided, pine no more: This three-tape collection has arrived straight from the Satellite of Love.

Robert Reed and friends are stranded on a desert island run by, natch, a crazed hunter. A truly awful film that allows Mike Nelson and the crew to showcase their wisecracking, pop-culture-riffing talents. A-

The Creeping Terror
When a throw-rug-like alien attacks an idyllic small town, bad narration, out-of-place footage, and a completely nonsensical dance scene ensue. The intermission segments may drag, but the zingers are as solid as ever. B

The Sidehackers
A ludicrously concocted motor sport is the backdrop for this wannabe-tragic love story, which, in keeping with a grand MST3K bad-movie tradition, features an overly lit ”nighttime” sequence. With original host Joel Hodgson. B+

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