William Keck
March 31, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Forget Mary and Rhoda. EW has learned that ABC is preparing a reunion of — be still your heart — quintessential ’80s family sitcom Growing Pains. Targeted for a November airdate, the two-hour movie will feature all of the original cast: Alan Thicke‘s psychiatrist dad now writes mystery novels, mom Joanna Kerns is a political publicist, son Mike (former pinup boy Kirk Cameron) works in advertising, and daughter Carol (Tracey Gold) is a Wall Street lawyer. What about Luke, the son ”adopted” in the show’s final season, played by a baby-faced actor named Leonardo DiCaprio? ”I understand he’s busy,” deadpans Thicke. The Titanic star’s spokesman had no comment. Read: There’s not an iceberg’s chance in hell of a Pains reprise with Leo. Therefore, jokes Thicke, ”it would help if somebody got in trouble in the tabloids before we air. Maybe a weapons violation or rehab….”

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