Daniel Fierman
April 07, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

On Oscar day, Senate majority leader Trent Lott told Meet the Press: “I saw The Cider House Rules. I enjoyed that tremendously. It was great. Best movie.” Which led EW correspondent Daniel Fierman to wonder what, exactly, the conservative politician enjoyed so much about a vehemently pro-choice flick with incest and drug use.

EW: Why is Cider House Senator Lott’s Oscar pick?
Lott’s Rep: Great acting!
EW: The themes didn’t bother him?
Rep: Look, just because you enjoy good acting doesn’t mean that you agree with its political agenda. You know?
EW: That’s fair, but I find it hard to imagine the senator enjoying this.
Rep: Well, he did.
EW: He enjoyed being told that abortion [rights are] a good thing?
Rep: Listen, believe it or not, you can separate, it’s film, it’s not reality, hopefully you can separate the two, and listen, hopefully, you can see there’s an agenda, you can see it and not accept it, but you can appreciate the quality acting. And he did that, he, uh, certainly, well, uh, that’s I guess what he based his opinion on. All right? Is that it? I have other calls to make.

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