EW Staff
April 14, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Q On a recent Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Regis Philbin asked, ”What do they practice on ABC’s television series The Practice?” (The answer, by the way, was law.) Wait a sec: The Practice is on ABC. Millionaire‘s on ABC. Do we smell another Disney synergy scandal?

A Not on your lifeline. A thorough EW investigation revealed that ABC was, surprisingly enough, the least mentioned of the Big Four networks in the 2,000-plus Millionaire questions asked since the show’s start. NBC is the winner, with its shows cited 30 times (thanks in part to SNL‘s seven mentions). CBS follows with 21, Fox with 16, and ABC trails with 15. The WB grabs a mere four nods, and UPN nabs only one (for Moesha). But we can’t let Disney off the hook just yet: Last month, Reege asked a question about Pets.com, a firm in which Disney has a 3.7 percent stake. This, on the heels of Diane Sawyer’s much-scrutinized Good Morning America interview with the canine mascot. The question-writing process is ”totally random,” defends a Millionaire spokeswoman. Good answer.

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