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I'M A 'LOSER' Biggs crushes on Suvari (Mary e. Matthews)

A lot can happen in one year… or not so much. Just last summer ”American Pie” costars Biggs and Suvari were starring in a high school comedic sex romp. This summer they’re two of young Hollywood’s most sought after members and they’re starring in… a ”collegiate” comedic sex romp. Paul (Biggs) is a nerdy Midwesterner who moves to New York City for school. He develops a crush on the elusive Dora (Suvari), who’s lusting after her professor (Kinnear). ”There was a big push for [Biggs’ ”Pie” costar] Chris Klein, but the perfect person was standing right next to him,” says Heckerling (”Clueless”). ”Once I met Jason, I’ve never felt closer to a performer. I could just talk to him in half sentences.”

Maybe that’s because the busy Biggs didn’t have time for complete ones. Hot after ”Pie,” Biggs agreed to shoot ”Loser” in Toronto and New York while filming Miramax’s ”Boys and Girls” (coming in June) in San Francisco and L.A. ”There were days when I’d work as one character until night, hop on a plane, go to the other set, turn around, and come back,” says Biggs, who had to have his ”Loser” hair extensions burned off every time he left the set. ”It’ll all be worth it soon,” he says. ”I thought last summer was my summer. I don’t know, I may top it.”