Rhonda Johnson
April 21, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Savage Shore: Life and Death with Nicaragua's Last Shark Hunters

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We gave it a B+

) In Savage Shore: Life and Death with Nicaragua’s Last Shark Hunters, British travel writer Edward Marriott journeys to the Nicaraguan Atlantic coast in search of both the vicious bull shark, a man-eater able to cross from saltwater to fresh, and the fishermen who seek the overhunted, now scarce sharks for fins worth $40 a pound. Beginning in the ragged coastal town of Bluefields and traveling up the desolate San Juan River to Lake Nicaragua, Marriott encounters more fish tales than actual fish: of a mythical giant shark guarding the entrance to an emerald mine, of remote Indians said to worship the shark with human sacrifices, of legendary fishermen guarding the secrets of shark hunting. More fascinating than the elusive tiburon is Marriott’s obsessive pursuit of his subjects through lands so ravaged by poverty and revolution that you can’t believe what he’s willing to endure for a few good shark stories. B+

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