Gillian Flynn
May 17, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Whatever bizarre amalgam of eccentricity and zeitgeist that led to this syndicated ’80s TV show about a girl robot named V.I.C.I. still lives at James H. Vipond’s fan site. It’s ”semi-official” because it has a blessing — and a Q&A — from ”Small Wonder” creator Howard Leeds. You’ll find not only theme music, episode guides, and videos of the show but also fan fiction — including an entire novel. Serious techies may explore discussion groups where they can debate ”the math and myth behind V.I.C.I.’s science and the social ramifications that a real-life V.I.C.I. might pose,” while others may just want to hit the Tiffany Brissette Fan Page (she played the kid robot), or head to the next site in the — no kidding — ”Small Wonder” WebRing.

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