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Craig Seymour
May 18, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Fellas, start your modems! Thursday, Victoria’s Secret will webcast its annual fashion show live at 3 p.m. EST. And while last year’s record-setting cybershow (1.5 million viewers) took place on Wall Street, this year the scantily clad supermodels — including regulars Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Laetitia Casta, and Stephanie Seymour — will be catwalkin’ on the Palm Beach at Cannes.

In honor of this slinky cybercast, EW Online talked with Klum, one of Secret’s resident ”Angels,” about this year’s show and, heck, just about all things skivvy:

What’s the biggest difference between Victoria’s Secret’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels?
Charlie’s Angels shoot people and are protectors in a police kind of way. But we’re real angels. We don’t have guns.

Have you ever found yourself in a crime-fighting situation?
No, I’ve been lucky. Maybe I’m boring, but I don’t really go out that much. And I don’t hang around on dark streets.

Is there anything bad about getting paid to walk around in your undies ?
You have to stay in shape. I’ve been majorly working out for the last two weeks to really tone up. I do that for the show every year. I have a personal trainer who really kicks my butt.

Any problem areas?
I guess every woman has the same problem. It’s always the thighs and the butt.

What’s your biggest food vice?
Chocolate with hazelnuts. But I’m not eating any chocolate before the show. And no potatoes either.

Lately, you’ve been all over the Internet, with this webcast and your promotion for the auction site ultimatebid.com — do you even have a computer?
Yeah, I have two big computers in my office.

What’s your modem speed: 28K? 56K? 36D?
God, you really want to know? I can ask my husband.

When you were on Conan O’Brien’s show last month, he poked a hole in the Natural Liquid Miracle Bra you were promoting — have you had any more leaks?
That was just not fair. He took one of those sharp pencils and really stabbed it to death. He totally sliced and diced it. But normally when you’re wearing a bra, you don’t get in those kind of situations.

What kind of underwear do you like on a guy? Boxers or briefs?
I like briefs. They’re sexier. They form the body. I think with boxers, you’re hiding something because everything is so loose.

Does your husband wear briefs?
Let’s not talk about my husband’s briefs too much.

So, just how skimpy will the Victoria’s Secret outfits be this year?
Well, the outfits are always skimpy in a way. But then they cover us up with some fabulous feather boa or something. And of course, the wings.

OK, enough about this angel stuff — when was the last time you felt like a devil?
I really don’t get that bad. But once when I was little I was walking home from school and this boy was getting on my nerves like crazy. So I dipped him in dog shit.

Do you have any words for your former agent John Casablancas, who recently called you a ”talentless German sausage?”
I really don’t understand his comments. And I love sausages, for that matter. But it reminds me of that boy who I dipped in dog shit.

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