William Keck
May 19, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

David Hasselhoff — formerly the goody two-sandals on Baywatch — is apparently ready to embrace his dark side. In Mike Myers’ script for Dieter — based on ”Sprockets,” his Saturday Night Live sketches about a black-turtlenecked German talk-show host — the villain is none other than Hasselhoff himself: The onetime syndicated hunk kidnaps Dieter’s beloved monkey and flees to Hollywood. Question is, will Hasselhoff actually play Hasselhoff? The outlook is guten. ”All I know is that I’m a very big fan of Dieter and his monkey,” deadpans the international star. ”And someday I very much hope to touch his monkey.” Nothing has been signed, and Myers had no comment on casting for the film, which is due to start shooting in July. Whatever happens, now is the time in this article when we dance.

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