Clarissa Cruz
June 02, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

If Only It Were True

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We gave it an C-

It’s no wonder DreamWorks snapped up the movie rights to Marc Levy’s debut novel If Only It Were True. With plot points and characterizations all too familiar to viewers of Ghost, The Sixth Sense, and City of Angels, Levy’s sappy supernatural love story has boffo box office written all over it. Architect Arthur opens his closet one night to find a beautiful woman huddled inside, claiming to be the ghost of a medical resident who lapsed into a coma after a car accident six months earlier. As the pair conspire to reunite the apparition with her body, the stiffly written tale devolves into a predictable mishmash of platitudinous dialogue and yawny ghost sex that makes the pottery scene in Ghost look downright brilliant. C-

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