Monty Brinton
Tricia Johnson
June 21, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, they ate ratwurst and endured the humiliating Tribal Council. But can they survive the savage wilderness of Hollywood?

At least some of the Survivors will surely try to convert their newfound fame into showbiz careers. (Consider that a ”Big Brother” alum in Germany now has his own TV show.) Who’s got a real chance? According to casting director Scot Boland (”The Muse”), budding lovebirds Colleen, the college student, and Ivy League grad Greg have the stuff. ”She’s very suited to a costarring part on a show like ‘Ally McBeal.’ He could be a young lawyer on ‘The Practice.”’

For the big screen, Boland opts for B.B., the grating real estate developer. ”I see him in a low-budget indie film as the asshole Marine.” As for the show’s true-life military man, Rudy the ex-Navy SEAL, Madison Avenue may beckon. Says commercial agent Richard Lawrence: ”He’s a tough guy” and could hawk such manly products as ”Duracell batteries, Timex watches, or tires.”

Though the Survivors are contractually forbidden to write books about their ordeal, there’s always the Darva Conger route. Playboy’s Bill Farley says there are no plans yet, ”but it’s a very clever idea that would make a good themed pictorial.” The sweet-tempered Sonja (the first to get kicked off) will likely keep her clothes on. But what about cutting a ukulele album? ”I’m not that good,” she demurs.

Still, at least one Survivor star has already gone Hollywood: Solemn host Jeff Probst will direct James Earl Jones in ”Finder’s Fee,” an indie Probst wrote about a man who finds a wallet with a winning lottery ticket. Will he cast any Survivors? No, Probst says, but he’d like to do a sitcom with Rudy, basketball coach Gervase, and truck driver Susan living together in an apartment complex: ”I think CBS should really look at packaging those three in an updated ‘Three’s Company.”’

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