Monty Brinton
David Hochman
July 06, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The newest cast-off, Joel Klug, 28, has returned to working as a traveling salesman in Sherwood, Ark. Here’s how he’s pitching his ”Survivor” experience.

So, seriously, did you ever think that you and Jenna and Greg and Colleen should go on a double date?
A little nature walk might have been fun, right? But no, the women were all cute, but if I hooked up I’d be in trouble. If she went down, I’d go down too.

Did this experience just completely rock your world or what?
Hitting reality was definitely tough. You go through an experience like that and mainstream America just looks really strange. You have a different outlook on things.

Like what?
People complain about petty things all the time, and I realized I did it too. I used to go into a restaurant and freak out if the service wasn’t great. Now, I’ll be like, ”Hey, I’ll wait 10 minutes”

Honestly, how did the rat taste, and don’t say ”like chicken”!
The problem is, it really did taste like like chicken, man.

Is it a dish you’d recommend?
In any other situation, no, but there I probably would have eaten my shoes I was so hungry.

Wasn’t it annoying having all those cameras around 24/7?
It got difficult sometimes. I would have liked a few minutes alone.

How much did you think about that cheesy treasure chest full of money?
For me, the money wasn’t a huge factor — I swear. But I have to use it as a justification when I explain to people why I’d ever do this. I just wanted to compete and really kick ass, do whatever I could do.

Your single luxury item was shampoo. Wouldn’t one of those Leatherman knives or distress flares have made a LITTLE more sense?
I probably would have taken something else, but it would have been a hammock. It was a nightmare in our hut.

Do you ever worry about a ”Survivor” backlash?
Nope. People can say what they want and have that ”holier than thou” attitude, but if they drive past a car crash, they’re gonna look. This is just about watching people in a difficult situation. It’s just taken to an extreme.

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