Jeff Jensen
July 21, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Holy sequel, Batman geeks! Fourteen years after his disassembling of the superhero in The Dark Knight Returns, comic-book writer-artist Frank Miller is prepping a sequel for next summer. His original (which influenced Tim Burton’s ’89 Batman) found a 50-year-old Bruce Wayne scrapping retirement to kick Superman’s leotarded butt. In The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman recruits pals like Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, and the Flash to reclaim an America that has become ”a kinder, gentler fascist dictatorship.” The villains will be Lex Luthor and Superman, now a morally ambiguous government agent. And will the sequel culminate in another showdown between Batman and the Man of Steel? ”Probably,” teases Miller. ”And my money is still on Batman.”

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