Carmen Electra has CG panties in Lil' Kim's new video |


Carmen Electra has CG panties in Lil' Kim's new video

And that's just one of the computer fixes in the racy new spot

Carmen Electra

GET TO THE BOTTOM Electra needed a computer assist in Kim's video (Electra: Joan Jedell/Corbis Sygma)

Who’d have thought Lil’ Kim’s steamy new video would need as much digital retouching as ”The Phantom Menace”? No, the rapper hasn’t gone sci-fi. Instead, Kim’s ”No Matter What They Say” – which features Mary J. Blige, Sean ”Puffy” Combs, Redman, Method Man, and Missy ”Misdemeanor” Elliott – required some serious toning down. Among the tweaks: ”nipple fixes” for when Kim wiggles out of her Versace bustiers and computer-edited T-shirts for her bumping and grinding backup girls (they now read ”itty girls”).

But the weirdest fix? ”Digital panties” for cameo dancer Carmen Electra, who showed too much of her groove thing after being asked to shed her skivvies to avoid panty lines. ”It’s not like you could really see anything,” says director Marcus Raboy. ”It’s just the freeze-frame factor you have to consider.” The ”Scary Movie” star has no comment on her altered undies, but Raboy insists, ”She looked amazing.” Perhaps Dennis Rodman would like his own digital BVDs.