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Lori Reese
July 24, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

HOT TIX Limp Bizkit are planning to hit the road with Eminem and Papa Roach this fall, according to SonicNet. Though the itinerary has yet to be finalized, the trek is likely to start in October and run through December, coinciding with the release of Bizkit’s third album ”Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.” The group’s booking agent Daryl Eaton emphasized that plans are still tentative. ”We’re in the very preliminary stages right now,” he said. ”I don’t know how long Eminem is going to stay on the tour.” Wonder how much Michigan prosecutors have to say about that.

POTTER WATCH J.K. Rowling has hardly settled down from her recent book tour, and fans are already queuing up for ”Harry Potter V” — on the Web at least. The New York Post reports that the unwritten ”Harry Potter V” is already No. 55 on’s advance orders list. No pressure there…. Warner may not have found a British boy to play Harry yet, but at least they’ve cast an English owl. Ook the white owl will play the young wizard’s pet cum mailman in the flick, which begins shooting in September. ”He’s perfect for the part,” his owner Roger Pearson boasts. ”He works in schools a great deal and has since he was six weeks old.” Just wait until PETA gets their talons on this obvious example of bird-child forced labor.

SHAKEUP Destiny’s Child is in the midst of yet another member shuffle. The group has bid farewell to Farrah Franklin, who joined only a few months ago as one of the replacements for founding members LaToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson. Columbia records gave no reason for her departure, but the band told MTV News that it was the group’s and not the label’s decision. Destiny’s Child will begin touring with Christina Aguilera on July 31.

WEB NEWS Starting today, Stephen King is offering the two parts of his previously unpublished serial ”The Plant” via his website — on faith that readers will pay him $1 per download. Last month, the horror meister announced this experiment with Web publication, by asking fans if they thought they could be trusted to pay for his latest writing if he published it online . King says that if he gets paid for 75 percent of the site’s downloads, he will continue to self publish the series.

CRIME A man who enrolled in a Catholic high school pretending to be Steven Spielberg‘s nephew was sentenced to two years’ probation for forgery. The 27 year old, who was born Anoushirvan D. Fakhran in Iran, attended the school as a freshman for about one year. School officials only discovered the ruse when they tried to contact the famous director about his ”nephew”’s absenteeism. The would-be freshman said he enrolled ”just for fun, to get the experience I never had.”

LEGALESE Lawyers for Robert Downey Jr. are saying that the actor should have been released from prison long ago, according to the Los Angeles Times. Attorney Robert Walters said the judge who sentenced Downey made legal and mathematical errors by not taking into account time the actor had already spent in a drug rehab program, or specifying whether his misdemeanor sentences would run at the same time. Downey is eligible for release in November but his attorneys insist he should have been eligible in February…. An L.A. judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against Janet Jackson by her former cook, who alleged that the pop star had prescription drugs filled in his name in order to protect her privacy. The cook says he plans to appeal.

CASTING Kevin Spacey is set to star in Universal’s ”K-PAX,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Spacey will play a mental patient who claims to come from a planet called K-PAX. In his other films, they just called it the suburbs.

REEL DEALS Kiss’ Gene Simmons is developing a feature based on the comic book series ”Jon Sable, Freelance,” about a war veteran and African game hunter who divides his time between mercenary assignments and writing children’s books.

LISTS Surprise, surprise. The Beatles‘ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 tops VH1’s list of rock & roll’s 100 biggest TV moments. Elvis Presley’s 1968 comeback special is No. 2, while MTV’s launch with ”Video Killed the Radio Star” is No. 3. VH1 plans to air the top 100 series beginning July 31. Apparently they forgot about the time Marie told Donny that she thought his purple socks smelled bad.

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