EW Staff
July 28, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

DANIEL ADEL (Carrey, p. 140) An EW illustrator since the mid ’90s, Adel has contributed portraits of David Duchovny and Chris Rock, among others.

RUVEN AFANADOR (Oldman, p. 113, and others) In the past, Afanador has photographed such stars as Sigourney Weaver and Al Pacino for these pages.

LORENZO AGIUS (Diaz/McGregor, p. 64) The L.A.- and London-based Agius’ Diaz/McGregor photo was his first assignment for EW. He’s since shot Hugh Grant for a cover.

PATRIK ANDERSSON (Diesel, p. 115) Andersson shot Amanda Peet for EW’s It List issue.

GUY AROCH (Noth/Parker, p. 126) Based in New York City, Aroch specializes in fashion, beauty, and celebrity photography.

MOSHE BRAKHA (The X-Files, p. 55, and others) A frequent contributor, Brakha was responsible for this month’s X-Men cover.

ANDREW BRUSSO (Green, p. 59, and others) Brusso shot Regis Philbin in his money suit for a November 1999 EW.

CHARLES BURNS (Lewinsky, p. 94) A Philadelphia resident, Burns has also contributed portraits of Kid Rock and Garth Brooks to these pages.

DANNY CLINCH (Rhymes, p. 134) Clinch recently published Discovery Inn, a collection of his photos of musicians from the past 10 years.

MARK CONTRATTO (Wahlberg, p. 77) Contratto is currently at work on portraits of the conflict in Chiapas, Mexico.

ANTON CORBIJN (Stipe, p. 52, and others) The Dutch-born Corbijn has published four books and is working on the new U2 CD.

TONY DURAN (Suvari p. 36-39) Duran photographed Jennifer Lopez for her debut CD On the 6.

ALISON DYER (Suvari behind the scenes, p. 38) The L.A.-based Dyer shot Famke Janssen and James Marsden for EW’s June It List.

MICHAEL ELINS (Cage/Cruise/Smith, p. 76) The L.A.-based Elins specializes in photo illustration. He’s launching his own website, www.michaelelins.com, in August.

HENNY GARFUNKEL (Tyler, p. 87) Garfunkel has often served as EW’s photographer-in-residence at the Sundance Film Festival.

KATE GARNER (Leigh, p. 142) Garner’s photos of Fiona Apple and Dr. Dre have appeared in EW.

EDMUND GUY (Hill, p. 124) Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.-based illustrator Guy specializes in figurative collage.

GUZMAN (Sarandon, p. 63) Guzman shot Lauren Bacall for EW in December 1996.

DAVID JENSEN (Clooney, p. 122) The L.A.-based Jensen has shot such celebs as Mike Myers and Tori Spelling for EW.

SAM JONES (Perry, p. 65) Jones recently directed a national commercial spot for Nickelodeon.

JOHN KASCHT (Reznor, p. 130) The Alexandria, Va.-based Kascht’s drawings of Colin Powell, Ross Perot, and President Clinton, among others, hang in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery.

GARY KELLEY (Pacino, p. 85) Based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Kelley is currently working on a book about Robert Johnson and the Delta blues.

ANTONIN KRATOCHVIL (Weber/King, p. 70, and others) The award-winning Kratochvil is working on a new book called Mercy.

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