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Liane Bonin
August 01, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Green body makeup, pimples, table dancing — whoever said being a movie star was glamorous? EW Online has the latest painful memories and sparkling anecdotes from Hollywood’s elite.

? ”I have the same pressures that any human being has, and they can be amplified because I’m in the public eye. I grew up on film. I went through puberty on film, I got my first pimples on film, and I got my period on film, literally. I’m not complaining, but that does amplify things.” ”Autumn in New York” star WINONA RYDER on the price of fame

? ”I like a little head scratch at the end of a film. A little pondering and wondering and thinking is good. As long as you don’t feel abandoned at the end.” ”The Replacements” star KEANU REEVES on his confusing love affair with movies

? ”Being in a Chinese prison [in 1997’s ”Red Corner”] doesn’t lend itself to showing a wacky quality, really.” ”Autumn in New York” star RICHARD GERE explaining his stern on screen persona

? ”I spent a tremendous amount of time in makeup being painted green, blue, or black, and then a tremendous amount of time taking that makeup off. There were very few moments where I felt like I was actually playing a scene. And since I was born to act, that was pretty tough.”KEVIN BACON on the drawbacks of his transparent performance in ”Hollow Man”

? ”The four hours a day in latex didn’t appeal to me at all, but it was a lark to see how it would be to look like my father — and put on a bigger gut than I already have.” ”It’s the Rage” star ANDRE BRAUGHER on aging 30 years for his role in ”Frequency”

? ”I’ve gotten off pretty easy with the tabloids. We’re pretty boring, really, so there’s not much to say about us. We haven’t gotten away clean by any means, though. Sometimes we think we should create a scandal so they won’t have to make up things. At least you have some control over your own scandal; the tabloids just make up things arbitrarily.” ”What Lies Beneath”’s MICHELLE PFEIFFER on how she and her husband, ”Ally McBeal” creator David E. Kelley, handle the tabloids

? ”My kids love the premieres and visiting on the set, but they didn’t love it when the commercial for ‘Pecker’ showed me taking my dress off and dancing on the table. That was SO not cool for them, even though their friends thought it was really neat. But when you’re a teenager, everything embarrasses you about your parents.” ”Cecil B. Demented”’s PATRICIA HEARST on how her two daughters deal with Mom’s occasionally weird acting career

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