Noah Robischon
August 18, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We gave it a B+

The collection of’80s-era TV ads at MyVideoGames.Com ( will bring the videogame experience home one more time for ColecoVision collectors and Atari enthusiasts the Web over. Everyone else will simply be amazed at the blocky graphics that in their time were considered bleeding-edge computer technology, and at the celebs who hawked it: Phil Hartman plugging a hockey title for the Atari, George Plimpton showing off the Zarvox-style voice of an Intelli-Vision, and E.T. playing his namesake game in a Santa suit. While many of these games have been ported to the PC or upgraded for Sony’s PlayStation, the ancient commercials at this site will make you wish that Tomb Raider could be retrofitted for the Atari. B+

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