Charles Winecoff
September 08, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Trumps

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We gave it a B-

Looking for the inside poop on Donald, Ivana, Marla, and little Ivanka? You won’t find it in the meticulous, business-oriented biography of three generations of enterprising family members, The Trumps. Starting with grandpa Friedrich, a German barber who sold roadkill and booze in the Klondike gold rush before investing in real estate, the book jumps to his son Fred, who used New Deal housing subsidies to become ”the Henry Ford of the home-building industry” in Brooklyn and Queens, and culminates with the ruthless exploits of ”the Donald,” who turned the Trump name into a virtual commodity. But beyond the familiar tabloid fare, Gwenda Blair (Almost Golden: Jessica Savitch & the Selling of Television News) fails to crack the flashiest Trump’s glitzy facade. The biggest surprise? That driven Donald is far less interesting than his forebears. B-

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