Louis Chunovic
September 08, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Once, when you wanted to go to the movies, you looked in the paper for theaters and show times. Now you surf the Web. The better options among major portals:

This is the cleanest looking of the big sites (movies.yahoo.com). It gives all local show times by dividing theaters within your zip code into categories — ”Bit of a Drive,” ”Ways Off,” and ”Long Haul.” Nice.

After you’ve clicked over to Movie Times on MSN Entertainment Channel (entertainment.msn.com), you type in your zip code and get a list of all the pictures playing within 100 miles of home. Click on any title to find out where and when it’s showing.

Go to www.aol.com (AOL is in the process of merging with Time Warner, the parent company of EW), click on movies, and you’re sent right to Moviefone (www.moviefone.com). It’s all there: cinema by title, zip code, and genre. Not to mention reviews, and even a ticket-buying option.

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