Suvari: Armando Gallo/Retna
Brian M. Raftery
September 14, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Is ”American Beauty”’s Mena Suvari stark raving mad? L.A. based Phatt Phunk Records has repackaged DJ Thomas Michael’s recent trance music album ”Soundscapes — Live From Melbourne” with a sticker boasting a vocal cameo by the ”Loser” actress. Never mind that Suvari is barely audible cooing ”Oooh, love” on the track ”What Love Is.”

Phatt Phunk’s Richard Butler maintains Suvari okayed ”Soundscapes,” adding that she once was ”an old school raver” — and Michael’s girlfriend — before meeting hubby Robert Brinkmann. But Suvari’s agent, Chuck James, claims Phunk didn’t get approval, and her lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter. Sounds like the label may have to say bye-bye to Miss ”American Pie.”

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