William Keck
October 13, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

To bare butt or not to bare butt? That is the celebrity question. In November’s Playboy, the WWF’s Chyna goes au naturel (and we thought she was so shy!). Meanwhile, Roseanne and Survivor‘s Jenna Lewis both made news by politely rejecting the gentleman’s mag. (Roseanne did, however, strip for rival Gear.) ”Playboy loves to feature celebs in the nude,” says editor in chief Hugh Hefner. ”[We’ve] featured short ones, skinny ones, fat ones, tall ones.” With that in mind, we asked a few stars if they’d consider baring all.

CHER: ”No. I show enough skin as it is.”

KRISTIN DAVIS (Sex and the City): ”Let me give you some hot gossip: I have been asked, and I turned them down flat. I don’t have the kind of body the buyers of Playboy want to see.”

JASON ISAACS (The Patriot): ”My head could be naked — but they’d have to stick it on Linda Hunt’s body.”

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: ”If they had a triple spread, I suppose … But no, never. Your talents should shine — not your ass.”

ANNE HECHE: ”No. My body is my private temple.”

CHRISTOPHER TITUS: ”Yes, but my wife would have to be draped over my private area.”

PHYLLIS DILLER: ”I already did it for Hugh Hefner years ago — when I still had a figure. They didn’t even run it.”

BILL MAHER: ”Yes, but it would make a lot of guys cry.”

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