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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on David Duchovny's 'X-Files' replacement, Sally Field, and more

Mail from our readers

The uproar over our 10th X-Files cover — this one sporting a new partner for Agent Scully — was more intense than a 3 a.m. visit from Cancer Man. ”Why The X-Files feels the need to create a new lead character to replace [David] Duchovny is beyond me,” seethes Amanda Di Bella of Honolulu. Others think the arrival of Robert Patrick, T2’s infamous cyborg, is the excitement infusion the show needs. ”Hopefully, new blood will mean an opportunity for the show to return to its glory days,” writes Kathy Karr of Oklahoma City. And our Sally Field profile led David Malmberg of Richfield, Minn., to exclaim: ”Thank you for an incredible tribute to an incredible lady … you made my day.” He likes us! Right now he likes us!

‘X’-treme Agitation

On behalf of all the X-Philes in the world, thank you for another wonderful cover story. You’re the only publication I know of that has continued to follow the show so closely, from the series’ debut until now, eight seasons later. I agree that some of its original spark was lost in recent seasons, but I don’t think that it has dropped enough to be discredited. While no one could ever replace David Duchovny, Robert Patrick seems to be fitting in nicely. I have a strong feeling that this season will help the show accelerate back into the status it deserves.
Jennifer Kim
Portland, Ore.

Before reading your article on the upcoming season of The X-Files, I was merely leery. Now I wouldn’t watch the show on a bet. You can blame Mr. Heat and Masculinity for that. I had no problem with the Doggett character as an addition to the ongoing story, but as a replacement, and perhaps a romantic replacement for Mulder? No, thank you.
Phillip Lightfoot
Olympia, Wash.

I found your Sept. 22 issue quite unsettling. It was like seeing Lois Lane with Spider-Man! I have nothing against Robert Patrick and I know this was David Duchovny’s choice. However, it was disheartening for those who love Mulder to have him seemingly regarded with some indifference by his costar of seven years. Gillian may feel she has chemistry with Patrick and that this is a natural progression, but to me it sounded like her tone was insensitive to David’s fans. As far as having a similar chemistry as she had with David, not in this lifetime.
Joani Diego
Washington Township, N.J.

Field of Dreams

My thanks to Robert Maxwell for his brilliant portrait of Sally Field. As Dolly Parton’s character says in Steel Magnolias, ”Honey, time marches on, and eventually you realize it’s marching across your face.” How brave of Field, Maxwell, and EW to consent to show a real woman — shadows, lines, and all — and how beautiful she is. I hope that when I enter my 50s, time will have marched as nobly across my face, and that I will be as proud of it as she is.
Linda Fletcher