EW Staff
October 27, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

His last $100 million hit was 1985’s Rocky IV, and the $7 million opening for Get Carter shows just how far the mighty have fallen. It’s been a rocky road for the 54-year-old’s future flick about an alcoholic FBI agent, now titled Eye See You, which has been on and off Universal’s release wagon for a year. The next best hope is Renny Harlin’s race-car pic, Driven.

The two-time Oscar nominee lost Girl, Interrupted to scene-stealing Angelina Jolie (who won a gold guy). Autumn in New York and Lost Souls had critics holding their noses. And the 29-year-old hasn’t had a film gross more than $50 million since 1994’s Little Women.

How quickly they forget. After a drawn-out exit from her a.m. gig, the perky ex-host, 47, has had a series of misfires. Her album Born for You drew critical snickers and has sold a piddly 133,000 copies; she passed on Broadway’s Annie Get Your Gun; and Reege isn’t exactly weeping: Live‘s ratings have risen 16 percent.

Amazon.com’s JEFF BEZOS
It can’t be easy for the 36-year-old cyber-pied piper to deal with employee layoffs, tumbling stock prices, a ballooning $2 billion debt, and accusations of overcharging some customers. Throw in a crop of antsy investors and doomsday market analysts and you’ll understand Bezos’ world. And to think, last year he was TIME‘s Person of the Year.

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